New Locks for a New Home

  • Questions To Ask About Your Home's Safety

    7 May 2018

    There are specific things you should look for around your property and your home to make sure that you are keeping it as safe as you can. If you have never really given much thought to the security of your home, beyond making sure the doors are locked when you leave, then you may be surprised by just how unprepared you are when it comes to keeping your home protected against criminals.

  • Under Lock And Key: Four Things You Should Lock Up, From Not Serious To Top Secret

    22 March 2018

    Locksmiths see all kinds of things behind locked doors, locked safes, and locked cabinets. Yet, the reasons for locking up what is inside are as varied as the customers themselves. If you think you have something you want locked up, here is where the locksmith can help. From the not-so-serious items to Top Secret!, here are some items that definitely should be safely secured. Your Journals Journals are private things. Most people who keep journals also try to keep them locked up.

  • 3 Security Tips When Managing A Rental Property For The First Time

    26 January 2018

    Managing a rental property can be a fantastic way to earn some extra income when you're lucky enough to own more than one home. While managing a rental property be straightforward in some ways, you may be concerned about some of the tasks involved in directly renting it out to tenants. Since you want to make security one of the top concerns when renting out home, you'll need to look into what you can do to boost the security at the property.

  • Concerned About Keeping Your Rental Property Secure? 3 Tips For Home Security

    15 December 2017

    Owning a rental property comes with a lot of responsibilities since you want to make sure that all of your tenants are safe and comfortable in their rental units. If you're eager to make changes to the property to make it more secure but unsure of how to start, you'll need to look into easy updates that you can take on by yourself or with the help of a handyman.

  • 4 Benefits Of Electronic Locks For Your Healthcare Facility

    17 November 2017

    If you own or operate a healthcare facility, security should be one of your primary concerns. In healthcare facilities, it's not just the doors that need to remain locked. Patient file storage cabinets, medication storage lockers, and medical carts are just some of the places where locks are required. You could require your employees to carry large keychains with multiple keys, but there are definitely benefits to upgrading to electronic locks instead.

  • Security Meaures For Law Firms

    14 September 2017

    As an attorney, you may be hearing and acting on people's secrets, sensitive personal information, and heightened emotions. The need for privacy and security can be critical. Not only do you need to protect the information your clients give you, but you also may need to protect their identity. You also have to protect the personnel employed by your firm. Therefore, consider security measures like those below. Place Security Guards at Front Desk

  • 3 Important Things To Do Before You Get Locked Out Of Your Car Or Home

    9 August 2017

    Have you recently moved out on your own? Have you ever considered what would happen if you were to be locked out of your home or your vehicle? Being locked out can be an extremely stressful experience. Nobody ever actually wants to have this happen to them, but there are things that you can do now that will help make the situation easier to deal with. Some of the things that you'll want to do now, or at least as soon as possible, include: