New Locks for a New Home

Commerical Locksmith Services Help Boost Business Security

by Alfredo Griffin

Commercial locksmith services include many jobs typically associated with security solutions in addition to the classic locksmith repertoire. For the installation of new locks, repair of existing electronic locking systems, or creation of new keys and fobs, a commercial locksmith is ready to help. 

Lost Key Assistance and Lock Repair

For buildings relying on a traditional lock system, potential issues include lock damage due to attempted break-ins, lost keys, and general wear-and-tear from repeat use. When a lock is damaged by force or repetitive use, a locksmith may be able to repair the lock, but a full replacement is often needed to ensure ongoing security. When a lock is replaced, the commercial locksmith can supply and install the lock and provide the necessary amount of keys to ensure all essential personnel is able to enter and lock the building independently as soon as possible. 

Key Fob Systems and More

Traditional locks are OK for many businesses, but enterprises with numerous employees who need key access or with more secure areas with restricted entry need a comprehensive solution. A system that relies on key fobs, access cards, or other entry methods, such as fingerprint scans, makes tiered access possible and provides additional security. Instead of reclaiming keys from departing employees or pursuing the expense of changing locks, an account administrator or the commercial locksmith can activate and deactivate fobs, cards, and more in a web or software-based management portal. 

Commercial locksmiths can also troubleshoot existing systems for common problems and assist with standard maintenance, such as battery changes in backup systems and upgrading hardware.

Smart Locks

As technology continues to evolve, the world of locks does too, and locksmiths have branched out into smart home and business solutions. For workplaces, a smart locking system can take the place of individual fobs and keys when specific employees are able to unlock a door remotely to provide routine or short-term access for other personnel. Locksmiths assist with the initial setup of these systems, training on the use, and can even help troubleshoot problems with software and hardware as they arise. For any system, a locksmith may sell and promote preferred brands, but it's always OK to ask about alternative systems or if they can install and maintain another brand.

Security Solutions

To diversify services, commercial locksmiths often couple providing security with providing monitoring solutions as well. Interior and exterior security cameras and security lighting are excellent services to inquire about when utilizing a locksmith's services.

Reach out to local commercial locksmith services for more info.