New Locks for a New Home

Questions To Ask About Your Home's Safety

by Alfredo Griffin

There are specific things you should look for around your property and your home to make sure that you are keeping it as safe as you can. If you have never really given much thought to the security of your home, beyond making sure the doors are locked when you leave, then you may be surprised by just how unprepared you are when it comes to keeping your home protected against criminals. Here are some of the things you want to look for:

Is your house easy to get to? If you don't have a fence, then anyone can walk right up to your house. Additionally, consider where your home is in relation to your neighbors. If they have a good view of your home, then you want to talk to them about helping to keep an eye on one another's homes and exchange contact info.

Are there good hiding places near your home? Go around your entire house, and look at each window and door. Are there bushes, piles of wood, or other things near the windows or doors that someone can hide behind? If the answer is yes, then those areas are weaknesses someone can use against you. Someone can lie in wait until the perfect opportunity to get in the house arises, without being seen by your neighbors or anyone driving by at the time. Cut back bushes that provide coverage; trim back trees someone could use to access the second floor windows; move debris that creates a hiding spot; and take care of anything else that leaves concerns in this area.

Are all your windows, sliders, doors, crawl spaces, and the garage door properly secured? Look at every possible entrance into your home, and make sure they are as hard to get through as possible. All entrances need to have the best locking systems possible on them. A locksmith would be the best person for you to have come out and take care of this for you.

Have you followed through with having a good security system put in? Whether or not you already have a security system, you need to make sure you have a great one. You want remote access that allows you to monitor and set the system from wherever you are. You also want cameras installed where they are the most helpful for protecting and monitoring things around your home. The cameras should be of such a good quality that you can see things clearly on the monitor.

Are your valuables secured? If you don't have a place to keep your valuables, then you should have a safe put in. A locksmith can install a safe that allows you to better protect your valuables in the case of a burglary or even a fire. Sometimes, a locksmith can even get you a deal on wholesale safes, making security even more affordable.