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Let A Commercial Locksmith Install A Key Fob System In Your Building For Improved Security

by Alfredo Griffin

When you operate an office building or lease office spaces, several people probably have keys to different areas of your building. This poses a problem when someone moves out or when you fire an employee. Even if the key is returned, you don't know if a copy was made and who might have it.

While the risk of theft or other problems may be small, it isn't worth taking when the problem has a simple solution. Call a commercial locksmith and have the door rekeyed. An even better solution may be to change your lock system to key fobs. Here's how key fobs work and why they're a good choice for commercial locks.

Key Fobs Are Individualized

Unlike a door with a traditional key where many people have the same key, a key fob only works for one person. As soon as you fire someone, you can turn the key fob off using the software that comes with the system.

The key no longer works for the individual, but everyone else with a fob that unlocks the door will still have access. This ends the problem of having to rekey a lock and get new keys to multiple people. That's why fobs are a good choice for commercial locks. If the employee returns the old fob, it can be reprogrammed and put back in use later.

A System Can Be Set Up For Tracking Too

A commercial locksmith needs to install a complete system when you upgrade to key fobs. You probably don't want everyone to have access to all areas of your building, so you'll need a software system that controls all the fobs and locks.

A benefit of having the fobs controlled by software is the system can keep track of when each fob is used. This lets you know when people enter your building and what time they unlocked each door. This can increase the security in your building while protecting against theft.

You Can Put Fobs On Some Or All Doors

A commercial locksmith can help you decide what doors to put the fobs on. This might be a matter of expense. There may be some doors that only a few people use, so traditional key access would be sufficient. You can have fobs put on doors of offices, supply rooms, restrooms, roof exits, maintenance rooms, and break areas. Each fob can be programmed to work on only the doors the employee needs access to.

A key fob system is a step up from a standard lock and key, but there are other choices to consider too. Have a consultation with a commercial locksmith to learn about all the options for commercial locks so you choose the best system for protecting your building.

Each company is unique, so you'll want a system that works well for your employees or tenants, and that protects your building from vandalism or theft. Also, the lock system you choose needs to fit well with your budget, so experienced advice from a commercial locksmith is helpful. 

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