New Locks for a New Home

Identifying Commercial Locksmith Services That Can Improve Security

by Alfredo Griffin

Commercial property owners face unique security challenges. They can become targets for burglaries or other types of theft. Sometimes the employees of a business can be a part of criminal activity that threatens the finances. Small businesses may be targeted because thieves may perceive them to be easy to access. The following points identify key things that a commercial locksmith can do to make a property more secure.

Identify Lock Issues

Some properties have locks that are intact but have other vulnerability issues. Cheap locks and locks that are poorly made might be easy for thieves to pick or damage to gain access to locked areas. Another issue is non-working locks. If there are doorknobs with locks and the locks have stopped working, it is best to get a new lock solution. Thieves will not be deterred by a door that "looks locked". A commercial locksmith might recommend lock upgrades. Certain types of locks such as deadbolts have impressive durability.

Identify Key Issues

Sometimes too many employees have keys or access to keys for a business. In-house thefts can occur, and it is wise to consult with a commercial locksmith and think about how many employees frequently use keys. Another potential key issue keys from former employees that were not returned. It might be a wise idea to get services such as rekeys for locks if the locks are in good condition but concerns about lax security exist. A rekey involves changing the inner mechanisms of a lock to require a new key created by a locksmith. After the service is performed, the business owner can enforce better key control strategies.

Identify Beneficial Security Upgrades

Today's businesses do not have to have total reliance on traditional lock and key systems. They can implement CCTV to monitor their properties to identify suspicious activities. There are a variety of alarm systems with many features that can make businesses more secure. Access control systems can eliminate the need for locks and key and lock replacements. Codes are required to access areas that are protected by the control system. The codes can be changed at any time to ensure security. 

A commercial locksmith should be used as a resource to determine if a commercial property could benefit from security upgrades. There are a variety of vulnerabilities that owners may not realize exist. Some of the existing solutions could be outdated. An inspection can be beneficial and following the recommendations could reduce the risk of business losses that are related to security issues. 

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