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Aspects To Consider When Buying A Gun Safe

by Alfredo Griffin

Gun safes protect your loved ones from accidents that come with handling a dangerous firearm. During break-ins, a burglar can steal your gun and injure your family. What's more, a thief can get away with your firearm and use it for illegal activities. Thankfully, you can store your gun in a quality safe to access it alone. If you need a new gun safe, here are some crucial aspects to consider when buying it.

Size of the Safe

Safes come in different sizes. Thus, you need to get one that fits all your firearms if you have more than one. Also, you can store other valuables with your gun in a spacious safe. When shopping for a safe, consider the interior size. You can work with a locksmith to get a right-sized safe.

The expert can recommend the correct dimensions that can sufficiently hold your guns. Also, bear in mind the installation space that you have at home. This way, the item won't bring issues when positioning it.

Fire Protection Attributes

Besides the size, always consider fire protection features in a safe. The primary goal of a safe is to protect your guns and ammunition in case of a fire. Therefore, you should purchase a gun safe with a fire rating of one hour. It means that your valuables will be safeguarded from flames for one hour.

Ensure that the safe has a fire seal on the door. This attribute is crucial in preventing damages to your gun during a fire. What's more, the seal keeps out moisture in case firefighters show up to put out the fire. You can be sure that smoke won't ruin your guns when the safe has a tight seal.

Type of Lock

Safes have varied locking mechanisms that you can choose from based on your safety needs. For the utmost protection, choose locks with the following characteristics:

  • Voice activation
  • Thumbprint access
  • Strong password

A safe that you can open using biometrics guarantees you safety. For instance, if you opt for thumbprint access, you will open the safe alone. No one will break into the safe and steal your gun. Typical keys and locks are easy to open since burglars have devised new ways.


Quality safes don't have to be expensive. Focus the price on protection features the safe comes with for monetary value. Also, don't purchase an overly cheap product since it might be lacking essential attributes.

The material of the safe determines the total cost. For instance, steel is expensive compared to its counterparts.