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4 Details You Need For Emergency Locksmith Service

by Alfredo Griffin

People are often pretty flustered by the time they call for emergency locksmith service. After all, who isn't stressed out when they can't get into their home, car, or safe?

However, when you call for locksmith services without having all of the information the locksmith needs on hand, you'll only become more frustrated. While the exact information required will vary by situation, here are some general details you'll probably need to provide.

Proof of Item Ownership

A locksmith can only open the lock on something you own. How you can prove ownership will depend on what you need unlocked.

Legal photo identification and a bill with the same address shown on your ID could be enough for an emergency locksmith to open the door to your home, for example. They may also confirm homeownership by checking the property tax records. If you rent, you'll have to provide your landlord's name and phone number. For a car, have your auto insurance card ready.

Lock Type and Brand

Let the emergency locksmith know what type of lock you need to be opened. Different locks require different tools, and the locksmith you called may not open the type of lock you need help with. Tell the locksmith the lock brand, if possible, too. Some lock brands have special tools that make unlocking easier. If the locksmith knows the brand in advance, they will bring any necessary special tools with them to the service location.

Possible Alternative Entry Points

Inform your locksmith of any potential entry points, aside from the one you are requesting service on. If, for example, it turns out that you have another door with a simpler lock than the one you are requesting service on, it will save everyone time.

A Stuck Key

People often call an emergency locksmith because they are locked out of their homes or cars. Sometimes they are locked out because a key has gotten stuck in the locking mechanism.

Be sure to let the locksmith know if a key is actually stuck in the lock. This may require different tools than the ones needed just to get into a lock. When the locksmith has to go back and forth between their shop and your location for tools, it will add time and potential costs to the process.

If you're locked out, contact an emergency locksmith service as soon as you can. Trying to "pick" the lock yourself could end up doing more damage and make it more difficult for the locksmith to open it for you.

Be familiar with your local emergency locksmith service. It could save you in a time of need!