New Locks for a New Home

Concerned About Keeping Your Rental Property Secure? 3 Tips For Home Security

by Alfredo Griffin

Owning a rental property comes with a lot of responsibilities since you want to make sure that all of your tenants are safe and comfortable in their rental units. If you're eager to make changes to the property to make it more secure but unsure of how to start, you'll need to look into easy updates that you can take on by yourself or with the help of a handyman.

With the following tips, you can make sure that your rental property is as secure as possible and that you've boosted the safety of your tenants.

Get Cameras Outside Your Tenants Are Aware Of

Setting up surveillance cameras outside of the rental property and in hallways can make a big difference in reducing crime since it can deter potential burglars from trying to break into the house. The surveillance cameras can also be used as evidence if a break-in ever occurs, something that can be very helpful when tracking down the suspect.

Before installing the cameras, it's wise to make sure that your tenants are made aware of the changes so that they feel comfortable with the new addition to the property.

Keep All of the Landscaping Maintained

Having a lot of landscaping surrounding the property can look fantastic, but it can often lead to problems since overgrown plants can end up hiding windows and entry points into the house. This can be very dangerous since it can allow burglars to get close enough to the property to break in without being seen.

Keeping the landscaping neatly trimmed will not only help improve the security of the building but also ensure that the building looks well cared for.

Consider Replacing the Locks Throughout the Home

If your rental property has recently been broken into or you simply haven't had the locks changed in a long time, it can be a good idea to make this update to the space. With new locks on all of the doors and windows in the property, you can be sure that there are no spare keys that aren't kept track of. You'll also have the opportunity to choose high-quality locks to improve the safety of the building.

Making home security a top concern is vital as an owner of a rental property since you want to keep everyone as safe as possible. The above projects can all be done quickly and make a big difference in the safety of the building. 

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