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Five Reasons You Should Not "Pass" On Gun Safes

by Alfredo Griffin

Guns are an important part of the Second Amendment. Where guns were once the sole property of militia and the King's guard, they became a necessity of the American colonies and an integral part of American safety, survival, and defense. However, guns left unattended are dangerous. For this, there are gun safes. Here are some other reasons why you should not take a pass on having a gun safe in your home if you own guns.

1. Little Kids Like to Pretend with Real Objects

You have heard the stories about the eleven-year-old that accidentally shoots a nine-year-old sibling in the face with the family gun. Kids love to play pretend with real objects, but playing with the family gun can turn deadly very quickly. Lock up your guns, or you may be attending a child's funeral.

2. Teens and School Shootings

In the past decade, a rash of school shootings has brought the issue of guns to the forefront, politically speaking. Teens who have immediate access to guns and a lack of impulse control because their frontal lobes are under-developed are the cause of many of these rampages. When guns are properly and effectively locked up, school shootings take a nosedive.

3. Suicide

Suicide by gun is a permanent way to deal with temporary problems. Those most at risk are teenagers, whose emotions are always off the charts. The second leading group to consider suicide by gun are adult males who suffer from depression. If only one adult in the home knows the combinations to the gun safes, and that adult is not the one with depression, then everyone else is prevented from attempting suicide by gun.

4. Theft

Guns laying around the house, on display, or left in obvious places (e.g., the bedside drawer) can be stolen. Thieves then resell the guns or use them in crimes. Because the guns are licensed in your name, the police come knocking on your door to arrest you because your guns committed a crime in someone else's hands. Preventing theft prevents the assumption of guilt in crimes, and a long nightmare of legal troubles you did not intend to happen.

5. Keep Your Right to Bear Arms and Give No Reason to Have the Law Repealed

Politicians are currently pushing for greater gun control laws. The only reason it has not fully gone into effect is because it is unconstitutional. However, if horrible crimes continue to be committed, your Second Amendment rights may eventually be repealed and you would have to surrender your guns. You can prevent that from happening by safely and responsibly storing your guns in a gun safe.

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