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How To Prevent Jewelry Thieves From Stealing Out Of Your Display Cases

by Alfredo Griffin

Jewelry stores have become the target of thieves because you can make a huge profit off a quick grab.  A smash and grab is when burglars smash a display case to grab valuables and make a quick run. The point is to take the most expensive jewelry items. Read on to find out how to prevent thieves from stealing out of your display cases.

Secure Your Case

If you want to secure your case, then you need to take advantage of locksmith services. You should have locks on all show windows, display cases, wall cases and showcases. The locks should always be locked unless removing and returning goods. You should have locks that do not allow the removal of the key unless in a locked position.

Use Resistant Glass

Many jewelry thieves use a hammer or some other item to smash the glass where your valuables are displayed. You can slow thieves down by using reinforced glass. The burglary-resistant glass should be on all sides and the top of your display case. It can be broken, but takes continuous hammering.

Consider What To Display

In a smash-and-grab, burglars are looking for the most expensive items to steal. For this reason, you should consider what to display and what to lock up in another location. It may not be a good idea to put all your most expensive jewelry on display. You should think about the most common stolen jewelry and figure out how to securely showcase these items.

Smash and grab burglars want to complete a quick heist. The key is to slow them down. You want to divide your high-end jewelry up among several cases. This means burglars will have to go to several cases to get the goods. This strategy should prevent them from going to every case because they want to get out the store as soon as possible.

Ask For Identification

You should have a policy at your store that requires identification to see high-end jewelry. If a customer asks to see an item, then tell him or her you need to see identification before taking the jewelry out the case. Your customers may have a problem with this and you should tell the customer it is for insurance purposes. However, you do not have to use this policy with repeat customers.

If you want to secure your business, then a locksmith is your best friend. A locksmith like one from can take security further than just display cases. You may want to consider an alarm system, new locks and more.