New Locks for a New Home

Best Locks For Every Door Type

by Alfredo Griffin

Most people spend the greater part of their lives working hard to build their homes for themselves and their family. While the home provides many things, including shelter and comfort, one of the most important and ever growing purposes of the home is security. While nobody wants to feel like they are living in a fortress or bank vault, the fact remains that with the number of doors in the typical home, security and privacy are both issues that arise. Thankfully, choosing the best lock for every door in your house is easier than ever. 

Front Door/ Side Door/ Back Door

The main way into homes has evolved over the years, with the front door often sharing the responsibility of entranceway with competing doorways. This has made the need for added security without reducing the attractive qualities of the door itself. The easiest and most reliable way of doing this is to install a deadbolt above the main handle lock. These can take many different forms and styles, but ultimately it ensures that when you are home, it is much more difficult for anyone to get in. Deadbolts almost always require a key to unlock from the outside, while a simple twist of the handle will release it from within. 

Bathroom Doors/ Bedroom Doors/ Office Doors

There are many times and many places in the home when a bit of privacy will go a long way. However, this doesn't have to take the form of lock and key. For most privacy needs that require a closed door, a simple push-button knob lock will do the trick. They are also convenient if you have children in the home, as these types of locks are relatively easy to open if accidentally locked.  

Screen Doors

The ever popular screen door seems to be a fixture in most houses, and rightfully so, as it allows optimal air flow, while filtering out dirt, insects and debris from the outside. However, this door often gets overlooked in terms of security as it is relatively penetrable to begin with. One great option to increase screen door security is to install either a sturdy latch-lock system or pull-handle system. These are made to fit both sliding and traditional screen doors, and are available in a variety of styles. 

There is a best lock for every door type. Choosing the right lock for the right door includes considering the door's location, purpose and appearance. For further assistance, contact a local outlet, such as Ottawa Key Shop locksmith.