New Locks for a New Home

Spare Key Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

by Alfredo Griffin

When the average homeowner thinks about a break in, they think of an intruder breaking a door or window to gain entry into their home. Don't overlook the access a spare key can offer a burglar. Spare keys offer the perfect opportunity for an intruder to gain access to your home without causing a major disturbance. If you are in the habit of leaving a spare key around your home, make sure you know what safe practices to follow.

Hide Wisely

Hide your keys with an intruder in mind. The average burglar is quite intelligent and experienced. If you're hiding your keys in obvious areas, such as under a flowerpot or doormat, you're asking for trouble. Consider those less than obvious areas or locations that would be more difficult for an intruder to access.

If you're a dog owner, the dog's house offers the perfect location. To any intruder, a dog is a nightmare they want to stay away from. Hiding the spare key under the house is a great idea. It's also a good idea to choose a location in your backyard as it is often more difficult and harder to go unnoticed in the back of a home than it is the front.

Keep It A Secret

Understand that every member of the household doesn't necessarily need to know where you hide your spare key. This is especially the case when it comes to young children or teenagers. While innocent, children sometimes have a tendency of speaking before they take the time to think. If a child is openly speaking about where their parent's hide their keys, this information could land upon the ears of a possible intruder.

Consider keeping this information private among the adults in the home. Should you be presented with a scenario where the child needs to access the key, once you hide the key again, choose a different location.

Make The Spare Key History

If you really want to protect your home, make the spare key history by updating your home with a keyless lock. Keypad, biometric and automatic door locks are all options that allow you to lock and unlock your doors without the use of a key. If you choose an automatic locking system, you will even have the capability to operate the lock from your smartphone or web-enabled device. A locksmith can discuss which option is best for your needs.

Don't give an intruder an easy outlet into your home by making a spare key mistake. Make an effort to keep your home safe. Discuss your options with a local locksmith—a company like LockWorks has access control solutions that may be able to help you.