New Locks for a New Home

Types Of Locks For Home Use

by Alfredo Griffin

If you are installing a new lock for home security, note that there are many types of locks to choose from with varying security results. Here are some commons types of locks, along with their benefits. 

Knob Locks

Knob locks are a fairly standard form of lock, where knobs on each side of the door are attached to the locking mechanism inside. These locks are fairly secure and affordable. However, you should try to combine these locks with another form of lock. Knob locks can be vulnerable to attacks where the person uses brute force to break the locking mechanism. 


Deadbolts use a strong and thick piece of metal to create a strong barrier to entry. A deadbolt works as a great secondary lock to a knob lock. You can increase the security of your deadbolt lock even more by adding a flipguard. This piece of metal goes around the deadbolt's handle, making it impossible for the dial to spin without removing the guard first. If someone attempts to enter using force, the flip guard will catch the handle and prevent it from moving. 


A padlock can be beneficial in some situations where you are looking for a cheap means of protection. Padlocks can be added to already secured areas to create an additional layer of security. Keyed padlocks are a common option, but you can also look for combination locks. The one you choose may depend on whether you're more likely to lose the key or forget the code. 

Electronic locks

Finally, you may want to consider a modern lock controlled by electric equipment. For instance, locks that are controlled by key codes are becoming popular. These keypads may be attached to a deadbolt or another type of lock, and some allow you to also enter with a traditional keyed method. Taking it up even a step further is the biometric lock, which uses a fingerprint or eye scan to give you access to the secured area. These methods may be overkill for your standard door entry, but they can be a nice addition to rooms that contain safes and other valuables. 

Which to Choose?

Locksmith services in your area can help you choose a good variety of locks to secure your home. It may be a good idea to combine several types or to try different types of locks on each door, thereby increasing the complexity of your locking system. To learn more, contact a company like Strathcona Security Locksmiths